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The great debate: Rockets vs. Warriors

Julian Soza and Andrea Arano

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There’s been all talks about the Warriors being the best team in the league but little do naysayers know that the Rockets are as a good team as the Warriors.
But the real question is, who would win in a seven-game series? Given the Warriors had a better season than the Rockets last year, it’s easy to doubt Houston. But if you see how the Rockets are doing this year ,they are having one of the best seasons since 1994-1995 when they won their second championship.
As of right now the Rockets have the best record in the league and the Warriors have the second best mark. Currently the Rockets record is 56-14 and the Warriors are 53-17, showing that the Rockets are doing better.
Even more, Houston has won two of three games against Golden State this season.
Given this information, I went around North Shore Senior High and asked a few Rockets’ fans their thoughts on how the team will fare in a playoff series against the Warriors.

Dominik Mercado , junior
“The Rockets are better, The Rockets would win against the warriors,Chris Paul is more effecive because he gets steal led The Rockets to all those wins and kept the ball moving around, also The Rockets have the best backcourt’’
Isaiah Villasana, junior
“The Rockets would win,they can use one simple play which is pass the ball around until you have an open man,Rockets still have a better offsense,they will do good but it will proabably be a close game. Chris Paul is more effective on the offensive because Steph Curry kinda fell off.”
On the other hand, the Warriors kinda do have a better offense but they dont shoot as many threes as the Rockets.

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The great debate: Rockets vs. Warriors